I am sure you ask yourself what this means?
Well, we live in a changing world order. Not many people realize this and will only maybe when it´s too late. This has implications way beyond our wildest dreams and “Corona” is only the start of it all. We now get trained to get used to restrictions “for the good”… “to save the weak and old”… blabla.

If you stick to facts only then it´s a fact that this is not much worse than a bad flu. So why now all these restrictions? All these measures? No more freedom?!
Something is going on and was prepared a long time ago by the ones who really have power through large amounts of capital and big friends. At first this is nothing bad because you and me would do the same if we had the power to do so… just human psychology. In some ways we are all the same.
The problem is that under “normal conditions” the average Joe didn´t do really well. We are now at a point where not only the poor get poorer way faster and the rich exponentially richer every year but where this money can actually dictate so much more than it could years ago.

The world is changing all the time and always will be. The problem is that this has reached dimensions which are never seen before and we are back in the roaring 20s where the current Superpower is challenged by a new one. Since we live in a hyper interconnected world with modern weapons that could easily destroy our whole planet multiple times it wouldn´t make sense to fight a traditional war anymore… so does that mean that we will see a peaceful change here? Most likely not.

There are other ways and one that you can see right now is: The Economy.
A Trade War. A so called “pandemic” which seems to be enough to put everyone in a state of emergency and fear. Don´t you see the bigger picture?
It doesn´t matter anymore where this virus was coming from? It matters what happens behind the scenes while everybody else is watching the stage. Maybe think about that the main stage only shows crap as always and concentrate and focus on what they cannot hide and what that means in the short term.

The United States increasingly act like a little child that is angry because it cannot have everything and bully everybody anymore. No more full control. China on the other hand seems calm but wage. I don´t believe a word I hear from both, no numbers from China and no promises from the United States.
The point is: This is only the start.

We will see a shift in a lot of areas from freedom to security and control. From prosperity to a recession and more lockdowns. From being independent to becoming dependent on data, connectivity, more pressure, stress which then leads to more control about the masses again.

From holding hands, to holding zoom meetings. This is a modern form of war. Of Terror. The only question is: Do you see it? Who are the ones who are crazy? Who are the ones that are blinded?

It is crazy how so many things happen now at once and the public is absolutely stunned and helpless not realizing what is happening, ignoring the real facts, being brainwashed and stupid in their whole existence and not protesting or going crazy about everything. Most people just want their little peace and not bash into the walls too much or get too much trouble… They seem to deserve what´s about to happen… But is this really the solution? Just “Accepting” things?

There is no full guarantee of knowing everything. No guarantee of knowing and getting to the truth, but our world was and is created by trial and error.
Who is trying and where is the error?

Very few powers now change the whole world order for the next centuries.

Where are you? How are you positioned?

Care about yourself. Think about your future or someone else will do it for you. Right now. Right here.

Right now is the biggest chance to change your short period of existence on this planet or even the next one in a few years to the better. Seek discomfort, seek the truth. Act accordingly. Be a smart ass. Do it now.

Don´t let the Cleptos steal your future. Don´t be a maniac about it.



I will look back at this post in a few years and get the final answer to my: Why?



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