The Future of our World

5 min readOct 9, 2021

Here is what´s about to happen roughly in the next months to years:

  • First of all the Rona will not go away quickly. Their Agenda is in place for at least 2025 up to 2030. However people begin to look through their narrative as it breaks down more and more. So they will continue to push the mandates and new lockdowns even harder with every new month. The worst thing that can happen to them is a mass of people waking up. They will also push their needle to everybody directly or indirectly and as many as possible through various methods and psychological tricks plus economical repressions and so on. Basically they aim to v. (the word that must not be named) the whole world and make life hell on earth for everybody that refuses.
  • Therefore our world will change even more dramatically and much faster than expected. They will try to silence everybody who is against those mandates and evil Agenda either by banning them from social media plus defaming them in the so called democracies or put them into camps or prisons for shady reasons or no reason at all in all other countries without human rights.
    However even in our so called democracies they already have build camps and various other facilities like FEMA in the USA. Most of the public in all countries is so brainwashed through years and years of campaigns and specially aimed attacks on freedoms and psychological attacks that most people actually have developed a syndrome where they won´t believe parts of the truth even if you would show them every part of it, every study, every evidence.
  • When the Rona narrative fails what comes next?
    A possible next virus could be the “Marburg Virus” already described by Boris Johnsons father years ago. It´s all part of their plan. If they don´t choose this one there are others to “use”. The Marburg Virus however has similar symptoms like the Rona, like the flu. There has already been developed a PCR Test for it plus even though there only have been 16 deaths since 2000 they already started to develop a v. (a needle) for it. Crazy right? Mhhh… not so much anymore. Think about it. This would only make sense if there would be millions of so called “cases” right? Otherwise why invest millions of Dollars into something that has no use (yet) at all? Yeah, you get it.
  • Should this not work they have something else in place which they planted for tens of years already in the public minds:
    Climate Change.
    You care now considered somewhat of a terrorist or at least strange person if you even question this very narrative even though major science outlets presented an alternative truth. Science today is only one big Agenda which follows the biggest donor. Take a look at Rockefeller and what he did to the medical industry and Pharma. He started it. Now ask yourself what you will never get told and why?!
    I think we can all at least agree that the climate indeed changes… but what these officials don´t tell you is the whole truth. The part where humans only cause small parts of it and not all humans but the military, big corporations and other institutions while the average Joe has to pay for it with a new carbon tax plus gets restricted to do certain things. But will the masses comply? Of course they will because the seed has been planted years ago. How can you even question this? “How dare you?”… Funny how this works every time. Just let Angelina Jolie show up or Greta who cries a bit. How can you question that? Therefore people are already psychologically conditioned for what´s about to come: Climate Lockdowns plus new taxes and a loooot of restrictions. Only drive electric “cars” (which are by the way another control mechanism since your cars will drive you and no longer the other way around. It will track you all the time.) no matter where the energy comes from. I mean who cares if electricity still comes from coal if the car looks clean right? Also only eat bugs from now on and get vegan. I cannot wait for those lab burgers… mhhh.
  • Which brings me to the next point: “You will own nothing and be happy.”
    The future will be all connected, transparent and clean… You will have no more privacy in a digitalized world with central bank digital currencies, full control of someones behavior either through currencies, which are more of a control mechanism overall now, or through mandates and lockdowns or partial measures only for certain groups, since people already got used to it and every protest got broken down with force.
    Communism and socialism are already knocking… are you ready?
  • A major reason and stepping stone is and will be the crashing financial system. The shadow banking system already broke down in 2019. 2 months after which the Rona appeared. Strange timing isn´t it?
  • Prior to this crash and complete collaps however we will see small parts and details that play together such as inflation kicking in combined with blackouts and what not. All in the name of: Climate Change and “it´s only transitionary”. There will be a big blame game and of course politicians and people in power have no fault.
  • Once the food crisis, shortages, blackouts and more restrictions will kick in there will be major protests and violence around the world… why? Well besides obvious reasons for the majority the reasons behind it are simple: Distractions to finally implement everything they want in absence of most of our eyes and light. Once you fool people and distract them with something so massively you can do and put in place everything you want.
    What´s tragic however is when they put something in place which cannot be reversed easily and will give them massive massive power.
    Hint: Full control via a digital world and currency.
  • The last step which is then only a small one is a World Government. The new World Order. However I don´t think that they will be able to fool people into this unless we face a major major war (which already gets prepared).

Most of what I wrote here might either sound funny to you or is nothing new.
However if you do your own research you will realize that most things are already in place and got prepared. It´s now up to us to stop this nonsense. They don´t care what you think in fact they profit from your doubt and small knowledge about these topics. The devil is in the details.

Never ever give up. Never ever fear something. Always fight for your freedom.




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